October-December 2020

July-September 2020

January-June 2020


Objective: Baseline inventory of all Boswellia species in Socotra

Activity 1: Training of local experts in Boswellia species estimation and field survey

Activity 2: Boswellia species Inventory

 Activity 3: Threat assessment

Activity 4: IUCN conservation status re-assessment

Objective: Conservation measures and increasing resilience

Activity 1: Seed germinations trials

Activity 2: Establishment of forest nurseries

Activity 3: Assessment of regeneration plots

Activity 4: Reforestation of selected populations

Activity 5: Agroforestry in home-gardens

Objective: Community involvement, capacity building and awareness

Activity 1: Environmental involvement of local communities

Activity 2: Awareness and Education

Activity 3: Local stakeholder training

Activity 4: Socio-economic benefits

Activity 5: Monitoring and Evaluation