Conference Venue

The conference will be held from September 5th to 8th, 2019, Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Zemědělská 3, Brno), Czech Republic.

Call for Papers

Participants are kindly invited to submit abstracts of papers and posters related to the themes of the conference. Each submitted abstract will be subject to peer review and the conference organizers reserve the right to allocate the appropriate means of presentation to submitted contributions.

Selected papers with unpublished research will be considered for publication in the Special Issue of Forests (ISSN 1999-4907)



Thursday 5th September 2019          

15:00-17:00 Welcome excursion: University Botanical Garden and Arboretum; meeting point: Entrance hall of Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Zemedelska 3, Building B of the campus)

17:00-18:00 Registration, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, room B45 (5th floor, B building)


Friday 6th September 2019 – Saturday 7th September 2019     

8:00-9:00 Registration Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, room B45 (5th floor, B building)

9:00-9:20: Conference opening (welcome and opening speeches – Petr Maděra)

Session 1: Taxonomy & Evolution, Chairman Kay Van Damme, key-note speaker: Alan Forrest

9:20-10:00 Alan ForrestThe taxonomy of Dragon Trees: what do we know and why is it important?

10:00-10:20 Petr Vahalík: Habitual metrics and species specification of Dracaena spp. derived from 3D tree models

10:20-10:40 Lucie Vaníčková Pompeiano: Terpenic profiles of resin are species-specific in Dracaena spp.

10:40-11:00 Coffee break (room B43)

Session 5: Ethnobotany, history of resin harvesting, Chairman and key-note speaker: Julian Jansen Van Rensburg

11:00-11:40 Julian Jansen Van Rensburg: How to train your dragon: An archaeological approach to understanding the management and harvesting of the Dragon’s Blood tree in Antiquity

11:40-12:00 Abdulraqeb Al-Okaishi: Local management system of Dragon’s blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari Balf. f.) resin in Firmihin National Park, Socotra Island -Yemen

12:00-13:00 lunch

Session 2: Anatomy & Morphology, Chairwoman and key-note speaker: Joanna Jura-Morawiec

13:00-13:40 Joanna Jura-Morawiec: Advances in functional anatomy of the monocot tree Dracaena draco

13:40-14:00 Shiferaw Alem Munie: Effect of different pre-sowing treatments to break seed dormancy on the germination of Dracaena steudneri Schweinf. Ex Engl.

14:00-14:20 coffee break

Session 3: Eco-physiology, Chairwoman and key-note speaker: Nadezhda Nadezhdina

14:20-15:00 Nadezhda Nadezhdina: Physiology of dragon trees revealed through sap flow research

15:00-15:20 Roman Gebauer: Regeneration of water pathway after stem injury in Dracaena draco and Dracaena cinnabari

Session 7: Species-specific relationships, Chairwoman and key-note speaker: Raquel Vasconcelos

15:20-16:00 Raquel Vasconcelos: Reptile community living on the dragon`s blood tree

16:00-16:20 Aarón González Castro: Assessing the lack of seed dispersers as the reason for the current restricted distribution of the Canary Islands dragon tree (Dracaena draco) in the wild

16:20-16:40 Vladimír Hula: Dracaena cinnabari as a habitat for unique invertebrate fauna

16:40-17:00 coffee break

Session 6: Chemical composition of resin, medical use, Chairwoman and key-note speaker: Wenli Mei

17:00-17:40 Wenli Mei: Secondary metabolites in dragon’s blood

17:40-18:00 Xupo Ding: Dragon’s blood formation mechanism in Dracaena cambodiana

19:00 Gala conference evening – Era Cafe (address: Zemedelska 30)


Saturday 7th September 2019          

Session 4+8: Distribution, Ecology, Threat, & Nature conservation, Chairman Alan Forrest, key-note speaker: Petr Maděra

9:00-9:40 Petr Maděra: Degradation, disturbance and restoration of dragon´s blood forests on Socotra Island

9:40-10:00 Ghudaina Al Issaey: Conservation Assessment of the Arabian Dragon’s Blood Tree (Dracaena serrulata) in Oman

10:00-10:20 coffee break

10:20-10:40 Kay Van Damme: Can the Socotra Zoning Plan help to conserve Dragon Blood Trees?

10:40-11:00 Martin Rejžek: The change of plant community composition and diversity following loss of Dracaena cinnabari acting as a nurse tree

11:00-11:20 Petr Maděra: Age estimation of juvenile stages of Dracaena cinnabari

11:20-11:40 Klára Lengálová: Age structure of Dracaena draco subsp. caboverdeana population on Santo Antão, Cape Verde Islands

11:40-12:00 Hana Kalivodová: Age estimation of Dracaena ombet in northern Ethiopia

12:00-13:00 lunch

13:00-13:20 Hana Habrová: Structure of above-ground biomass of DC forest

13:20-13:40 Martin Culek: Atmospheric circulation conditions and distribution of fog (and fog drip) on the Socotra Island, Yemen

13:40-14:00 Martin Čermák: Trial measurement of horizontal precipitation under the tree canopies of various tree species in mountain peak areas of Socotra

14:00-14:20 Kay Van Damme: The role of Dracena cinnabari forest on the hydrogeological system of Socotra Island

14:20-14:40 coffee break

14:40-15:00 Poster session

Justyna Wiland-Szymańska & Konrad Celiński: Complete chloroplast genome sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the Canary Islands dragon tree (Dracaena draco L.)

Lucie Bauerová: Germination of Dracaena cinnabari seeds under artificial conditions

15:00 Dragon Tree Consortium


Sunday 8th September 2019                        

Conference excursion to Lower Morava Biosphere Reserve, Wine Cellar, Wine tasting



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