Welcome excursion (5.9.2019, 15-17) University Botanical Garden and Arboretum, meeting point: 15:00 in the entrance hall of Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Building B, Zemedelska 3)

Conference excursion (8.9.2019) will take place in the Lower Morava UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere reserve was established on the area of 300 square km in 2003. The biosphere reserve covers the landscape of limestone rocks of the Pavlovske vrchy /the Pavlov Hills/ with Pannonian xerotherm biotopes, the landscape of the alluvial plain by the confluence of the Morava and the Dyje rivers with a unique complex of wetlands, alluvial meadows and floodplain forests, and the composed cultural landscape of the Lednice – Valtice Area (which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage). The management of the biosphere reserve is provided by a common profitable company with the main aims of creation of suitable conditions for sustainable development of the area and support of the nature conservation and landscape protection. The field trip will be focused on visiting various types of landscape within the biosphere reserve and on the introduction of various activities leading to ensuring of the harmonious development. Part of this excursion will be the dinner in the wine cellar with wine tasting. Price of Conference excursion is 50 EUR.