Thursday 24th September 2020

15:00 Registration, 16:00 Welcome excursion Villa Tugendhat


Friday 25th September 2020

Registration (B35), Conference (B35), Conference dinner

Session 1: Brief Updates on the Fauna of Socotra

9:00 Kay Van Damme, Petr Vahalik, Ahmed Saeed Suleiman et al.: The Dragonflies of Socotra

9:15 Vladimír Hula, Zdeněk Faltýnek Fric et al.: The Butterflies of Socotra – novelties, distribution and thread

9:30 Mauro Fasola, Edoardo Razzetti, Raquel Vasconcelos: Ecological preferences of the endemic reptile community of Socotra

Session 2: Socotran Plants, Impacts and Local Uses

9:45 Pavel Hanáček: Echidnopsis of Socotra

10:00 Samuel Lvončík: Taxonomic news in the genus Boswellia on Socotra

10:15 Martin Rejžek: The effect of grazing intensity on vascular plant diversity and composition in the plateaus of central Socotra

10:30 Jitka Meňházová, Ghalya Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdo: Value chain of Frankincense resin in Socotra Island

10:45 Coffee break

Session 3 – Dragon’s Blood Trees

11:00 Abdulraqeb Shamsan Al-Okaishi: Exploring historical distribution of Dracaena cinnabari tree using ethno-botanical knowledge – Socotra Island, Yemen

11:15 Petr Maděra: First model of juvenile Dragon Tree age estimation

11:30 Lucie Bauerová: Germination of Dracaena cinnabari seeds in artificial conditions

11:45 Hana Habrová: The role of Dracaena in horizontal precipitation

Session 4 – Remote Sensing

12:00 Petr Vahalík: Socotra From the Orbit

12:15 Fabio Attorre: The use of remote sensing technologies to assess land cover trends and patterns in Socotra Island

12:30-14:00 Lunch break (Era Café, Zemědělská 30)

Session 5 – Online Session – Environmental Challenges and Conservation


14:00 Paul Scholte: The Genus Boswellia (Burseraceae): The Frankincense Trees

14:05 Haifaa Abdulhalim: Socotra Conservation Status – IUCN World Heritage Outlook

14:20 Helen Lackner: Current socio-economic situation in Yemen and the position of Socotra

14:35 Anna Paolini & KVD: The Connect2Socotra Awareness Campaign by UNESCO-FoS

14:50 Mazen Mohamed Al Darhe, Jitka Fialová: A study of recreational use of the Homhil protected area in Socotra Island

15:05 Marcelo Rezende: Land Productivity in Socotra

15:20 Petr Maděra: Updating the Dragon Tree research

15:25 Salem Hamdiah: Conservation of the endangered Frankincense Trees of Socotra

15:40 Beatriz Tomé, Raquel Vasconcelos: Parasites in a hotspot: diversity and specificity patterns of apicomplexans infecting reptiles from the Socotra Archipelago

15:45 Yehya Khaled & Nashat Hamidan: Phase 2 of the Socotra UNE-GEF Project (to be confirmed)

18.00 Gala Dinner (restaurant U královny Elišky, Mendlovo náměstí 1b)


Saturday 26th September 2020

9:00–12:00 AGM (B35)

12:00 Brno guided tour with brewery visit

Sunday 27th September 2020

conference excursion (Moravian Karst, Punkva Caves)