Preliminary Programme


Friday 24th September 2021               Informal Welcome & Early Registration

Saturday 25th September 2021          Registration, Welcome, Conference and Open Discussion Forum

Sunday 26th September 2021             FoS AGM (open to all members), Excursion (tbd), Registration Dragon Tree Conference


Dragon Tree Conference               

Monday 27th September 2021           Dragon Tree Conference



May 2021                                    1st Announcement

30th June 2021                          deadline for early registration, paper and poster abstracts submission

25th August 2021                       2nd Announcement (with preliminary conferences programme)

10th September 2021                deadline for regular registration, paper and poster abstracts submission

15th September 2021               notification of paper and poster acceptance, 3rd Announcement


Preliminary List of Contributions (Confirmed Speakers, more tbd)

Friends of Socotra (FoS) Conference

Kay Van Damme: 20 years of Friends of Soqotra

Martin Rejžek: Boulders and plant biodiversity

Petr Maděra, Kay Van Damme, Fabio Attorre: Conservation of the endangered endemic Boswellia trees on Socotra Island (Yemen) – Franklinia project

Jana Tulková, Lucie Vaníčková, Petr Maděra: Do frankincense tree resins (Boswellia elongate) differ according to the environment?

Salem Hamdiah & Lukáš Karas: Germination of endemic Boswellia species from Socotra Island versus Boswellia sacra

Abduljameel Mohammed: Perspectives of sustainable development on Socotra Island – PhD Thesis introduction

Petr Vahalík, Rostislav Nétek: Boswellia drone inventory

Kay Van Damme: Water management issues on Socotra

Hana Habrová: Specifics of endangered endemic species conservation on Socotra

Raquel Vasconcelos: Revisiting the genetic diversity of the Socotri people

Julian Jansen van Rensburg: Mitigating climate change effects through traditional land management practices in Socotra


Dragon Tree (DT) Conference

Linnea Hesse: Dragon trees inspire – Biomimetics and modern imaging techniques shed a new light on DTs

Mirela Tulik: Trade-offs between hydraulic and mechanical functions in the xylem of Dracaena draco trunk

Joanna Jura-Morawiec: How does dragon tree trunk increase in girth?

Martin Rejžek: How do dragon blood trees uprooted by cyclones affect biodiversity?

Petr Vahalík: Drone analysis of Firmihin dragon blood tree forest

Lucie Bauerová, Petr Maděra, Hana Habrová: Radial increment of dragon blood trees

Joe Krawczyszyn: Floral biology and resin of Dracaena draco

Joe Krawczyszyn: Dragon’s blood resin of Dracaena draco

Klára Lengálová, Hana Habrová: The population structure of Dracaena draco subsp. caboverdeana

Hana Kalivodová, Petr Maděra: Horizontal precipitation captured by Socotra Dragon´s Blood Trees

Marcelo Rezende, Petr Maděra, Petr Vahalík, Kay Van Damme, Hana Habrová, Tullia Riccardi, Luca Malatesta, Michele De Sanctis, Fabio Attorre: Identifying suitable restoration and conservation areas for Dracaena cinnabari in Socotra, Yemen